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Table à cocktail ronde Zila Magnussen®-T2050-45

Numéro de modèle: T2050-45
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Chaque disque en verre trempé transparent est délicatement suspendu sur une base à montant en métal entrelacé. Cet article dégage une impression de fraîcheur, aérée et sans contredit originale.

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Inspired by the vintage starburst motifs prevalent in many 1950s tabletop designs, our Zila collection translates that bright, mid-Century sparkle into contemporary décor. Each clear, tempered glass disk is delicately suspended atop an interlaced metal strut base. The feeling is fresh, airy, and unmistakably original.

  • Finish: Brushed Nickel
  • Materials: Metal, Glass, Aluminum Pucks
  • 10mm Tempered Clear Glass Top
  • Brushed Nickel Metal Tube Legs
  • Aluminum Pucks
  • Levelers

We have a passion for details. It stems from how we run our company, grows into the conveniences we design into our furniture, and blooms into the relationships we build with our valued dealers. We design every piece of furniture that carries the Magnussen® Home name. We understand that finishing touches like intricately carved woodwork or ironwork do more than complete the look of a piece of furniture; they set the tone of your home. Our furniture does more than fill a home. It expresses who we are.

We source our designs from only the finest home furnishings manufacturers, many in the Far East and Central America. We distribute to top furniture retailers and other dealers in the United States and Canada. These valued partners share our dedication to the highest level of customer service and quality. An unwavering commitment to ensuring your satisfaction is our most important difference. Technology is ever-evolving, so our furniture is designed for today’s needs with touch lighting, charging stations, electronic storage and lift-top storage. We build furniture that is a perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

Magnussen® Home finishes are naturally resistant to minor everyday hazards and accidents; however, precautions are necessary to maintain the beauty of your wood furniture. Dust with a soft clean cloth slightly moistened with water, then dry completely with a dry clean cloth. Always rub in the direction of the wood grain. Keep cigarettes, hot dishes, moisture and harsh solvents such as nail polish and alcohol away from furniture. Do not place beverages directly on furniture. Use pads beneath accessories when writing or eating. Remove spills and smudges immediately. Pliable materials such as plastic or rubber should not be left on a wood surface; they can damage the finish. Furniture should not be placed near heat, outlets, windows, or in direct sunlight.


Diverses spécifications

Largeur (po)39.624
Hauteur (po)17.8308
MatérielVerre / métal
Style de conceptionContemporain
Tranche d'âgeAdulte
Prêt à assemblerNon
Longueur (po)40
Nom du fini de couleurNickel brossé
Plateau relevableNon
Forme du dessus de tableRond
Profondeur (cm)101.6
Hauteur (cm)45.72
Largeur (cm)101.6
Longueur (cm)101.6