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Fisher & Paykel 27" Downdraft External Blower-Stainless Steel

Numéro de modèle: HBD1200E
Fisher & Paykel
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Fisher & Paykel 27" Downdraft External Blower-Stainless Steel with 1200 CFM and can be paired with downdraft ventilation for faster extraction

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1 619,00 $

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This Fisher & Paykel downdraft external blower can be paired with a downdraft ventilation hood for faster and more efficient extraction.

Fisher & Paykel has been designing products since 1934 and has grown into a global company operating in 50 countries and manufacturing in Thailand, Mexico, China and Italy.

Our design heritage is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity that has challenged conventional appliance design to consistently deliver products tailored to human needs.

For us, legacy is about looking to the future while ensuring what we develop today is aligned to the fundamental principles of sustainable design. We are committed to ongoing research and development. Our culture is one of open innovation, which allows people to work collaboratively to find insights and ideas that connect with our customers and respect our planet.


Diverses spécifications

Couleur de l'appareilStainless Steel
Nom de la couleur du finiStainless Steel
Garantie du fabricant2 Year Parts & Labor
Hauteur (po)8.1744
Profondeur (po)32.9394
Largeur (po)26.5005
Type de ventilateur de hotteExternal (Outside)
Profondeur (cm)84.46
Hauteur (cm)20.96
Largeur (cm)67.95