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Cuisinière électrique autoportante à induction de 4,8 pi³ Fisher Paykel® de 36 po - Acier inoxydable

Numéro de modèle: RIV3-365
Fisher & Paykel
En un coup d'oeil

Avec un écran tactile intuitif, une plaque de cuisson à induction et un four à convection à 15 fonctions, cuisiner sur cette cuisinière raffinée est un vrai plaisir.

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13 259,00 $

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Cook with Confidence

  • Our touchscreen interface provides an intuitive guided cooking experience that helps deliver perfect results, whether you’ve been cooking all your life or just starting out. Cook with a favorite method, a hero ingredient, or a go-to cooking function or recipe. The screen tilts for improved ergonomics and optimal visibility while cooking.

Generous Capacity

  • Featuring a large total capacity of 4 cu ft. Designed to spread heat evenly so you can easily create several dishes at once.

Cooking Flexibility

  • No matter what you're cooking, you've got the right heat to get perfect results. Each of the 15 oven functions have been extensively researched and carefully designed to cater to a broad range of dishes and cooking styles. The handy food probe helps you monitor your progress.

Cooktop Power

  • Instant and immediate control from the highest to the gentlest heat. The finely tuned cooktop controls let you sear, stir fry or simmer to perfection. Since most of the heat generated by the cooktop is transferred into cookware, induction offers an energy-efficient cooking option.

Design Quality

  • This range has craftsmanship in every detail, with real stainless steel, high-quality glass, and beautifully weighted, halo illuminated dials. Each cavity features incandescent lights and full extension telescopic racks. From the robust legs to the powerful cooktop, this Range is built to last.

Easy to Clean

  • The oven features a self-cleaning function and self-clean proof side racks, which don't need to be removed when using this function. The durable induction cooktop surface only needs a quick wipe after use to keep it clean.
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High resolution displayYes
Metal illuminated dialsYes
Sabbath modeYes

Main Oven Features

Broil PanYes
Convection BakeYes
Convection BroilYes
Main oven- Self cleaningYes
Main oven- True convectionYes
Number of main oven functions15

Oven Features

Electronic oven controlYes
Internal lightYes
True ConvectionYes

Oven Performance

Main Oven Usable Capacity3.8 cu ft
Main oven- Bake4600W
Main oven- Broil4000W
Main oven- True convection2500W

Power Requirements

Electric circuit4 wire
Rated current30A
Supply frequency60Hz
Supply voltage120 - 240V

Rangetop Features

Dual zonesYes
Gentle heat3 settings (111°F, 158°F, 201°F)
Heat settings9
Induction cooking technologyYes
PowerBoost all zonesup to 5500W
Zone bridgingYes

Rangetop Performance

PowerBoost all zonesup to 5500W


Pan detection systemYes
Safety time outYes
Surface hot indicatorsYes

Diverses spécifications

Largeur de l'appareil (po)36
Garantie du fabricant2 ans de garantie sur les pièces et la main d'oeuvre
Nom de la couleur du finiAcier inoxydable avec verre noir
Conforme à la norme ADAYes
Cuisson par inductionOui
Type de cuisinièreAutoportante
Nombre d'éléments/brûleurs5
Profondeur (cm)73.99
Hauteur (cm)93.35
Largeur (cm)91.14
Type d'alimentationÉlectrique
Nombre de four(s)Simple
Couleur de l'appareilAcier inoxydable
Profondeur (po)29.13
Hauteur (po)36.75
Largeur (po)35.88